The Ethel Mermaids are a Queer entertainment, arts and events troupe. We are inspired by celebrity, bad art and queer campery. Our aim is to make more art, have fun and stop everyone being so fucking serious all the time.

Bad art brought the Ethel Mermaids together and drives what we do. Bad art is joyful. It’s art that is unencumbered by the value system of “good” and “bad” – so long as it’s got heart and a sense of humour, it’s in our club. We find it, we love it and we make it and we help others to make it. We love to encourage people to free themselves from the fear that they’re not good enough or that the end result has to be perfect. For us, everybody is an artist. Heck – as Sly and the Family Stone sang – ‘Everybody is a STAR’.

We LOVE meeting new people! Come say ‘hi’ to us and become our Mermates, either virtually (click the ‘contact us’ button at the top of the blog) or In Real Life. Keep an eye on our events page, facebook and twitter to find out where you can find us doing our Ethel things in our Ethel ways. We’d love to meet you!

We’re available for hire! If you want to use and utilise any of our many, many talents, get in touch. We’ve worked with Amy Grimehouse, The V&A, The National Trust, The BFI and LGBT Jigsaw. We can provide arts and craft workshops, queercamp performance and enhance any event with our Bad Art, decoration, side shows or just our fabulous selves. Email us for all enquiries, suggestions and to book us: theethelmermaids@gmail.com  

jigsaw logo

The Ethel Mermaids charity of choice is LGBT Jigsaw. Jigsaw is a partnership between 4 organisations that help and support homeless queer young people – Stonewall Housing, The Albert Kennedy Trust, Galop and Pace. Between them, they offer shelter, counselling, advice and guidance to those who are homeless and/or have experienced violence and abuse.

These are incredible, vital organisations and their work is dear to our hearts. In 2012 we raised money from our event, Queery Little Xmas Fayre, which funded a day long workshop at The Roundhouse helping young people to use creativity to express themselves and boost their self esteem.

The Ethel Mermaids are continuing to work in partnership with LGBT Jigsaw. We are sponsoring and leading a community arts programme, providing workshops for, and creating events with, Jigsaw’s service users.The Ethel’s Angela Lansbury Night raised money for this programme which helps build self esteem, explore our queer stories and have fun through creativity. We will run several workshops throughout the year, leading to an event celebrating what participants have created, with an exhibition of some of these works.


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