Once upon a time, Avant Babs stepped out into the futuristic world to spread her electro-love on the planet. First sighted in the late 3060s she was noticed infiltrating the swinging sphere where she is reported to have found it ‘far out’. Grooving onto the theatre of a central park she hung with Marty the Martian and enchanted the throng with her meshuggena madcappery, drifting into an era called: Disco.

AvantBabs, earlier today
AvantBabs, earlier today

Through the DiscoAge she stumbled on a world electronica, entrancing earthlings to perform for her using their kitchenette implements: Concrete Chic at her beck and call. Avant Babs fought the good fight, swung the great swing and grooved away until she met up with the PermAge. Of this time little is known. What is depicted is that The GreatFro – as she was then known – ruled, but met with great resistance from the Misogynons. Fearing her strength and GlamaGroove, they grappled with the AvantBabsGlamatron until eventually denting her sense of humour.

Entering the StrutAge she spoke to her PeopleWhoNeedPeople from a vast platform and connected to their groovething, where a Silver and a Fluff and a Spawn took her to the level of the GreatOrangeShoulder, restoring humour and raspy magic. The GreatOrangeShoulder AvantBop rose invincibly to conquer the hearts of her minions and reign supreme.  AvantBabs will forever be entrenched in our LadyHeartsFoundation.


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