Ethel Loves Jailhouse Judo

I can’t remember exactly how I first came across Jailhouse Judo but I am very glad that I did. I entered into an enchanted world where there was chat about coming out and Charlton Heston, there was 90s hiphop and Riot Grrl and Liberace. I felt like I’d found good friends I didn’t know but really, really should. The talk was compelling, silly, thought provoking and the music diverse and brilliant. I felt like I’d made some fab new mates and couldn’t wait to breathlessly tell everyone about them.

Jailhouse Judo is a weekly, one hour, online radio show by genderqueer geniuses Monx and Froogs (half of the team behind club Bad Reputation) and the occasional superduper guest host.

Jailhouse Judo is like finding a brilliant mixtape you made in your teens, that captures that perfect moment when you loved those songs with a purity that sprang from the depths of your churned-up soul. It’s like those conversations you have at 4 in the morning, after a long night of good chats and good company. The kind that are at once giggly and profound.

During the recent show with Rudy from Unskinny Bop, they discussed the Tales of the City books as part of a gay lit theme for LGBT History Month. As I nodded along enthusiastically I tweeted Armistead Maupin to tell him – you know, throwing it out into the ether, as you do. We unexpectedly got tweeted back that he ‘likes being talked about’. It was one of those giddy, glittery moments, a little capsule of meeping excitement that you’ve connected across multiple queer consciousnesses and made a little something to keep and smile about.  They did that. Such are the wonders of modern technology and great queer chat!

You can listen to Jailhouse Judo most Tuesdays, 3-4pm on Wired Radio and catch up with shows you’ve missed on mixcloud. You’re very welcome.



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